Day 35: How are you?

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100 days of Spanish

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Watch the video with a pen and paper handy to jot down five words to say when you feel fantastic, five words to say when you don’t feel so great, and a cool trick to say a great sentence when you want to give your opinion on something.

You might also like to note down the four words for you, what they mean, and how they change the verb for how are you.

Copy me to sound great when you speak Spanish!

By all means, have a look at my notes. You can use them to improve yours, although yours are probably far better than mine to start with!

That makes things clearer!

Wine can be delicioso, elegante, memorable and suave. The next song no es muy suave, but I like it. Download the lyrics and enjoy this dirty pleasure!

Move on to Day 36 to build your dialogue talking about going on a day trip.

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