Day 31

100 days of Spanish

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Watch the video and learn:

  1. How to introduce yourself
  2. How to say you want a kilo of chicken and a kilo of onions
  3. How to pronounce double LL as a “y” sound, with a few ejemplos to get you started.
Simple, straightforward Spanish

Use my notes as a guide to help you. You can:

  1. Make your own notes or flashcards. Or how about keeping a journal?
  2. Memorize and/ or perform el diálogo: en el mercado. In the market.
Día treinta y uno. Poco a poco you are learning español.

Vuelve mañana.

Come back tomorrow. Día 32 treinta y dos is about el turismo … so if you are learning español to take with you de vacaciones, this is for you!

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