Day 19: Show off Spanish!

100 days of Spanish

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A lesson of 2 parts … and both parts are super cool! Mira …

Task one:

Memorize this. Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

Cuando vino el vino (When the rhyme came)

No vino vino (It wasn’t wine, literally didn’t come wine)

Vino vinagre (It was vinegar, literally it came vinegar)

Task two:

Perform this dialogue:

  • Perdón. ¿Tiene agua con gas? (Excuse me. Do you have sparkling water?)
  • Sí, mira. Está allí. (Yes, look. It is over there.)
  • ¿Tiene vino? (Do you have wine?)
  • No. La tienda allí tiene vino. (No. The shop over there has wine.)
  • Gracias. (Thanks.)

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