Day 18: Ask for wine!

100 days of Spanish
Day 18 Letter V often sounds like “b”

Task 1

Read these words aloud:

  • vino (wine)
  • vacación (holiday, vacation)
  • conversación (conversation)

Task 2

Practice asking for a bottle of wine:

  • Quiero una botella de vino tinto (I want a bottle of red wine)
  • Quiero una botella de vino blanco (I want a bottle of white wine)

Task 3

Make your notes. You can use mine to help you.

Come back tomorrow!

We are going to learn a fab word to give a general direction plus two more of my FAVOURITE words. Not only that, I am going to teach you some Spanish you can use to really show off! See you there, on Day 19 of 100 days of Spanish. Click this link.

Day 19 link