Day 17: Bottles!

100 Days of Spanish

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Watch the video. LL makes a “y” sound
Make your own notes. What do you want to remember?

Your task

Read the dialogue aloud. Then attempt to memorize it. Learning by rote is out of fashion, but memorizing something is the best way to be able to show off when you are put on the spot!

  • Hola, buenos días = Hello, good morning
  • Hola. Quiero un kilo de pollo = Hello. I want a kilo of chicken (say, “po-yo”)
  • ¿Algo más? = Anything else?
  • Sí. Un kilo de cebollas por favor = Yes. A kilo of onions please (say, “se-bo-yas”)
  • ¿Algo más? = Anything else?
  • No, nada más. ¿Cuánto es? = No, nothing else. How much is it?
  • Cinco euros. = Five euros
  • Gracias. Adiós. = Thanks. Goodbye.

When you have learned this lot, go to tomorrow, day 18! It is another great lesson, and there is less to learn. Just the letter V making a “b” sound, and buying a bottle of wine. Click the link to see me there!

Link to Day 18.