Clase 6 seis: Los números

Next week is test week.  Download what your estudiantes need to learn here.

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Clase número seis

In this clase los niños revise los números 1 – 10

  1. uno
  2. dos
  3. tres
  4. cuatro
  5. cinco
  6. seis
  7. siete
  8. ocho
  9. nueve
  10. diez

Give los niños a go at being el profesor o la profesora as they practice number bonds to 10 diez.  They then go on to learn the numbers 11 – 20, and after that they can practice adding 10 diez to the numbers 1-10 and have another go at being the teacher.

Mis estudiantes enjoyed this introducción to los números, and I hope yours do too.  Don’t forget to download the presentation if you would like to share it with your children/ your estudiantes.

Spanish lesson 6 Powerpoint