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Paperback titles

Jokes, yes! But there is as much Spanish tuition as there are jokes. You will learn plenty of Spanish as you read … and you won’t even realise it’s happening! All you need to do is take a comfortable seat and enjoy your reading. Then, when you get to the end, why not pass this lovely little book on to a friend … you heard it from me!

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This wonderful book takes you through the levels, beginners 1,2,3, and Elementary 4 and 5. As gentle as a conversation, the chapters are short enough for you to want to read 2 or 3 in a sitting. Make sure you register with me that you have bought the book, so I can send you a complimentary PDF to help you track your progress as you read.

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The art in this book is a treat! Ideal for beginners who want to learn a few things to say en español. Written in the form of conversaciones between amigos who speak either español or inglés, and who muddle on to comunicar en Spanglish. Of course, one of those personas es una profesora de español, so you will only learn accurate, correct Spanish, but you will also pick up important communication skills. A book to be enjoyed!

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People really enjoy owning and using this book to organise their Spanish studies … just read some of the reviews! There is a wealth of information alongside the real treasure … 6 months of journal pages. And in the bottom left corner of each double page day you can find “The Daily Word Builder” … ever wondered where I got this great idea from? It was from here, and from author DAN HALL. Find out more here!

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In my opinion, this thorough book is a great course to get you started on your road to Spanish fluency. I have taught with it since 2009, since when it has been updated, and I find it interesting, varied and relevant. If you would like to book lessons with me, this is the course book you will need.

Link to paperback title (with cd audio, transcripts, answer booklet and dvd. Be warned, they don’t look like much, but I assure you, they are invaluable and will take you from beginner to pre-intermediate level of Spanish).

Kindle titles

Stories de la Jungle is a set of charming stories by author Horacio Quiroga. Jon Knebel, editor, has reworked the tales into 13 levels of Spanglish. 13! This means you can read the stories in English with a little bit of Spanish, or in Spanish with a little bit of English. With comprehensive notes throughout, you can, very consciously, learn a lot of Spanish from these tales. Or, you can simply sit somewhere comfortable and enjoy the reading.

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