Spanglish is a mixture of English and Spanish, inglés y español.  It is spoken by bilingual people who move freely between the two lenguas.

Spanglish Fantástico is un método to teach and learn español.  It mixes the words en español that learners are able to comprender, with words en inglés to give passages that are completo.

We learn lenguas by exposure to them.  Spanglish Fantástico enables you to increase your exposure to español from el comienzo, and encourages you to usar el español that you know before you know it all.

Spanglish Fantástico is about empowering you to comenzar, continuar y utilizar el español.

Enjoy Spanglish Fantástico … and spread the word!


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Spanglish Fantástico is a new manera to learn español.  Es directo, and it’s accessible.  It is aimed at all the thousands of personas who would have quite liked to learn some español, but when they picked up a “Basic Spanish Easy Lessons For Absolute Beginners” book, found themselves bamboozled.

Spanglish is a mixture of English and Spanish.  In Los Estados Unidos, the United States, many people are bilingual and speak both English and Spanish mixed together.  So as soon as you can use one word of español you can speak Spanglish.

The more español you can incorporar into your conversaciones, the closer you get to español, and the better your comunicación will be with personas que hablan español.  Spanglish Fantástico is here to show you how easy it is.

Spanglish Fantastico is about taking Spanish out of the hands of the academics, and putting it into the hands of personas normales. You don’t need to know the jargon of grammar to understand Spanglish Fantastico, you just need to be human and to have a grasp of English. The Spanish will be apparent.

In Spanglish Fantástico you will find that you can comprender what you read. While there may be the odd word en español that you have guessed but are not 100% sure about, there will not be nonsensical paragraphs full of pseudo intellectual grammatical posturing, to confuse anyone who doesn’t have a degree in linguistics.  Rest assured, Spanglish Fantástico keeps it simple.