Pasos Unit 2C

Food and Drink.

What a great decision! You want to learn español, and that happens when you keep coming back and doing un poco más, un paso más. You are taking a step in the right direction. This first lesson in unit 2 is completamente gratis. All the lessons are great quality, and will really help you to learn. Each complete unit is priced very competitively. Open up your book at the page titulado:

¿Qué quieres? (It is página 19, going through to página 21)

Put your cd in your player, or open up the media player with the audio download. Open up your notebook. Take a sip of your drink. You are ready for class. Watch the video, and be ready to hit pause often and whenever you are instructed to do so. You are about to learn un poco de español.

Learning video here

Use the subtitles to help you. Switch them on in YouTube.

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Your SMART goals to make your learning happen.

Check you can do these things

Important extras from today:

Palabra =
Dibujos =
Otra vez =
Quizás =
Palabras útiles

The U “ooo” sound.

En inglés, menu sounds like “men-you.” Think about it! It does, doesn’t it! En español, the letter U represents an “ooo” sound, not a “you” sound. Try saying these words to get accustomed to la diferencia.

Think about las diferencias en inglés y en español

Remember the word “¿Qué” forever …

Now for the verb QUERER, to want

Look at the whole form for the verb Querer, to want. Copy the parts into this table. You’ll need to copy the table first.

(Video below table)

Single people2 or more people

You (informal)
You (informal)


You (formal)

They (all female)

You (formal)
Also note la pronunciación, por favor

Listen to mucho más vocabulario

Great additional material to enjoy from me.

The perfect supplement to Pasos 2A
You will never forget that naranja = orange

What is coming in the next 5 lessons.

  • There is and there are; what is there?
  • Describe a restaurant and the people who run it
  • Learn many more palabras for food and drink
  • Restaurant dialogue to order your 3 course meal and wine
  • Get to know someone with friendly questions to start una conversación
  • Give your e-mail address en español
  • Get to know los números … can you go up to a million conmigo?
  • Say what you don’t eat. Explain your dietary requirements

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