Unit 2 Grammar and Exercises

What a great decision! You want to learn español, and you have taken a step in the right direction. This first lesson is completamente gratis. All the lessons are great quality, and will really help you to learn, and each complete unit, is priced very competitively. Open up your book at the page titulado:

A guide to Spanish pronunciation

Put your cd in your player, or open up the media player with the audio download. Open up your notebook. Take a sip of your drink. You are ready for class. Watch the video, and be ready to hit pause often and whenever you are instructed to do so. You are about to learn un poco de español.

learning video here

Your SMART goals to make your learning happen. What was in this lesson and how to make sure you learn it.

Lesson supplements here.

What is coming in the next lessons. Learn today’s material, then make sure you move on to do the next lesson. If you procrastinate, you are far less likely to be speaking good Spanish 52 weeks from now, so imagine a treat on the other side of your learning.

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