Pasos Unit 1C

Países y nacionalidades

Lesson 3, Unit 1C. Eres excelente. Eres un estudiante excelente. Es importante que continues, just like you are. There are over 70 lessons en este curso, and you get them done one by one, paso a paso. When you have a full set of your SMART goals under your belt you should be able to hablar muy bien el español.

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¿Comenzamos? Shall we begin?

Put your cd in your player, or open up the media player with the audio download. You are going to escuchar track 10. Open up your notebook. Open your textbook at página 9. Take a sip of your drink. You are ready for class. Watch the video, and be ready to hit pause often and whenever you are instructed to do so. You are about to learn un poco de español.

Pasos gives you actividades to help you engage con el lenguaje in a variety of ways.

Your SMART goals to make your learning happen. Obviamente, cuando tú copias estas notas, put in your own detalles. When you can easily say all these things en español, you will be ready for the next class, la próxima clase.

This is the specific Spanish I want you to learn, and I want you to set a time for it. 2 days from now perhaps?

When you start to learn español es importante que usas tu español. El problema is that you don’t have all the words. Por favor, don’t let that stop you! I speak more about this in the next vido.

Asking where someone is from is a good way to comenzar una conversación and make new amigos, but it has limited use. However, you can ask where all sorts of things are from … biscuits, wine, chocolates … This video is about using your español, and thinking about other contexts so you can get more mileage from each phrase you learn. Relax, watch and enjoy.

This series gives you más español y más fluencia.

Consolidate and expand your knowledge de los países con el video de Danny. There are muchos países en las américas where people speak Spanish … you might have planes para visitar uno de ellos. While you escuchar, would you be able to localizar estos países en un mapa? Turn to página 35 of your Pasos book for a small mapa de América Latina.

Learn today’s material. Make a decision about when you will learn it by, and do keep revising the input and the SMART revision cards from 1A and 1B.

Plan when you are going to do the next lesson. If you procrastinate, you are far less likely to be speaking good Spanish 52 weeks from now. Remember your goal. Make each step towards that goal. Think of a little treat for you to have AFTER you achieve each paso, and before you know it you will be speaking español!